Modest salmon dress (salmon spitfire)

“That was really easy … and fun!”

Modest salmon dress (salmon spitfire)“That was really easy … and fun!”

That’s what a mom said as we were wrapping up her daughter’s dress rental today. I was glad to hear it, because choosing an outfit for a formal dance should be fun. I see enough girls and moms in my shop to know that shopping for a formal dance outfit isn’t not always fun. Finding a dress that’s flattering and modest, at a reasonable price, can be hard sometimes. Then finding all the accessories to complete the outfit can be time-consuming and expensive, too.

But at Modest Prom Rentals, we want you to have a different experience. We have 150+ dresses in our shop, all modest (or with a jacket to make them modest). We have real dresses for real girls – all sizes, all heights, all styles. Look at this cute girl and the great dress she found!

Once you find your perfect dress, we have lots of fun helping you find accessories to make your outfit just right: shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, and an evening bag. When you are a member of our Facebook group, the accessories are free – making your dress rental an unbeatable value!

“That was really easy … and fun!” Come on into the Modest Prom Rentals shop and we’ll show you how easy and fun it can be to choose a formal dance outfit.