How to Rent

Renting your modest prom dress is easy and fun!

Before You Come

Before you come for a fitting, we recommend that you

* Join our Facebook group so you can get your accessories for free!

* Preview our dresses

Make an Appointment and Choose Your Dress

1. Call 801 489 9790 to make an appointment for your fitting (ask for Chris).

Please note: Payment is by cash or check only.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please do so as early as possible so your slot may be made available to others.

An hour will be allotted for your appointment, which is sufficient time to try on 4-6 dresses, pick accessories, and complete paperwork. Please be prompt so that we have sufficient time for your appointment. We also recommend looking through the pictures of the dresses on the website so that you have some dresses in mind before you come. This helps us to use your time most effectively.

Wearing a close-fitting camisole and sliders can make trying on dresses easier, more convenient, and comfortable.

Feel free to bring a friend when you come – it’s more fun, and you get discounts if they rent too!

2. Choose your dress. We have an excellent selection of modest prom dresses. Rental prices range from $39 – 125 plus a cleaning fee of $10 – $30.

3. Reserve your dress by filling out a rental contract; paying the rental fee; and paying a deposit. Checks or cash only, please. Your dress is reserved when you pay. Dresses are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please be aware that once your contract is signed and payment is made, no refunds will be given. You may, however, receive in-store credit which you can apply to the rental of another dress or to the same dress at another time.

Pick Up and Return Your Dress

1. Pick up your dress (usually on the Thursday before your event, between 4:00 – 6:00). Please take care as you wear your dress. Any damage beyond normal wear may be deducted from your deposit. We also recommend wearing a light cami under the dress if possible; this minimizes wear and tear on the dress, helping to leave it lovely for the next person who will enjoy it.

2. Return your dress (usually on the Monday after your event, between 4:00 – 6:00).

3. Receive your deposit check back when your dress is returned on time and in good condition.