How to Consign

Do you have prom dresses just hanging in your closet, gathering dust? Why not put them to work! We consign modest prom dresses for use as rentals. Here’s how it works:

1. Dresses must be clean, in good repair, and currently fashionable.

2. Dresses must meet our modesty standards: high back and front, length at least to the knee, preferably covering the shoulder, and not suggestive in any way. If your dress requires a jacket that we provide, we will charge a $5 fee against your consignment payout.

3. We are most interested in high-end dresses with lots of bling (typically costing $300+ when brand new).

4. When your dress rents, we pay you 30% of the rental fee.

5. If a dress consistently fails to rent, we will ask that you come and pick it up. If a dress is not picked up within 60 days, it will become the property of Modest Prom Rentals.

6. Consignment does involve a small degree of risk. Thus, we cannot guarantee that your dress will always be returned undamaged. However, if a dress is damaged or is not returned, you will receive the usual rental fee plus 100% of the deposit.

7. If you are interested in consigning a dress, please email a picture to I will email to let you know if I am interested in the dress. If so, I will call to arrange an appointment. During the appointment, we will fill out a consignment contract in order to consign your dress.